The President of AL-Mustaqbal University Receives a Delegation from the Middle Technical University for Discussions on Joint Scientific Cooperation

In alignment with the policy of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research to enhance partnerships between public and private universities, the President of AL-Mustaqbal University, Professor Dr. Hassan Shaker Majdi, received a delegation from the Middle Technical University. The delegation included the Dean of the Technical Trainers Preparation Institute, Professor Dr. Salem Hariz Jassam, the Dean of the Technical Institute in Baqubah, Dr. Ghadhnfar Abbas Hussein, and several relevant faculty members. The aim was to open genuine and effective avenues for joint cooperation to develop the scientific and cultural programs of both universities. Dr. Hassan Shaker Majdi emphasized the importance of strengthening the partnership between the two universities, especially since there are many common areas that can be worked on together. Additionally, preparations are underway to hold a scientific engineering conference by forming a working team, setting specific timelines, and prioritizing tasks. The President of AL-Mustaqbal University noted that holding a joint scientific conference repre