The new Incubator Division - Database Center created an electronic workshop to showcase an innovative system for discovering and gaining experience

The Technology Incubator Division/Database Center held a workshop delivered by him Programmer Mustafa Muhammad Hussein about the electronic workshop system that provides a unique experience for participants in understanding the mechanisms and steps necessary to fully benefit from the electronic workshop. The new system aims to facilitate the registration process and provide an easy and effective mechanism for obtaining a certificate of expertise and reliability.The system targets workshops and seminars held at the university, whether electronic or in-person The workshop information can be entered and published on the site by the department’s person in charge. After the process of creating the workshop, it becomes available for subscription on the workshops’ website, where anyone can participate in it. Subscription closes before the day of the workshop. After the end of the workshop, the department’s person in charge activates the workshop and sends a link to the participants to withdraw certificates. Some of them are where the link is active for a period of time and then it is closed, a period determined by the person who activates the workshop.The system contains the feature of publishing news without the intervention of the authorized person, as it takes the information entered by the authorized person into the system and creates news and publishes it on the site for the workshops. It also contains the feature of issuing certificates to participants who have not previously subscribed in the event that they are late in participating. It also contains an archive of certificates issued to participants in If the certificate is lost, the certificate also contains a QR to check the reliability of the certificate.