The Translation Unit at Al-Mustaqbal University College was established as per the Administrative Order No. (2375) on 16th October, 2021 due to an urgent need to a cadre specialized in translating scientific and administrative texts as well as the news of activities performed by the College. Accordingly, the Translation Unit shall be responsible for translating the aforementioned types of texts to the required language or languages. Besides, establishing the Translation Unit goes in line with the MUC Vision, which seeks in one of its main pillars to reinforce the bonds of scientific, cultural and social communication with other local, regional and international institutions.

Unit responsibilities :

The responsibilities of the Translation Unit can be summarized as follows::

  • Translating all scientific, administrative and cultural texts that are required to be published in the Media or to be documented in more than one language .
  • Translating all legal texts or documents, such as contracts, agreements and memoranda of understanding concluded by Al-Mustaqbal University College with other institutions if they are required to be written in more than one language.
  • Participating in the preparation and translation of brochures for the various occasions arranged or organized by Al-Mustaqbal University College.
  • Translating the Deanship correspondences if such action is required.
  • Supervising the preparations of slogans and banners for the campaigns implemented by the College if there is a need that they shall be written in more than one language.
  • Supervising the College Website to ensure the linguistic integrity of the news and activities published on it.