Vision :

The unit seeks for Al-Mustaqbal University College to reach an advanced position locally and globally in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals by the year 2030.

Message :

The unit has a leading role in achieving the SDGs through planning and coordinating with both staff and students at the college’s scientific departments. As a result, the efforts will focus on implementing the sustainable development goals as well as achieving a sustainable campus through knowledge, competition, partnerships with all, and raising the capabilities of both staff and students. This is done using a scientific methodology that is in line with the best modern global methods to achieve sustainable development goals in a balanced manner.

  • Supervising aspects related to sustainable development in the college.
  • Consolidating sustainable development in the culture and traditions of the college community.
  • Continuously undertaking projects and practices with the aim of integrating sustainability into university life and its activities.
  • Continuously measuring the sustainability performance of the college.
  • Reaching the college to advanced positions in international classifications and rankings, especially those related to sustainable development.
  • Monitor and document sustainability related solutions on the main campus.
  • Providing information on the activities related to sustainability at the College.
  • Issuing annual reports on the achievements of Al-Mustaqbal University College towards achieving sustainability.
  • Spreading public awareness about issues related to sustainability in the college and beyond.
  • The Sustainable Development Unit aims for Al-Mustaqbal University College to become a local and global symbol of excellence in the field of sustainability within higher education institutions.
  • The unit also aims to develop a culture of sustainability and raise awareness about sustainability and the importance of preserving the environment to create healthy environmental practices in every aspect of campus life.
  • Using advanced scientific means to keep pace with development and upgrading the academic reality to meet the requirements of sustainable development within the college’s campus.