The Dean of Al-Mustaqbal University College congratulates MUC employees on the advent of the New Year 2022 Date: 30/12/2021 | Views: 182

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In my name and on behalf of the MUC Council as well as the founders and investors, we would like to congratulate you on the advent of the year 2022. We pray to God Almighty that 2022 shall be a year of welfare and happiness for everybody.
We indeed feel so proud for the great achievements that you have accomplished during the year 2021, such as, for instance, the attainment of first rank in the number of research published on Scopus Engines, in addition to winning the first place in the Global Rankings of Green Matrix, Time Impact, Scimago, RUR and Webometrics.
Thanks for the great efforts you have made in order to keep the educational process in progress whether electronically or in person. By the same token, we shall not forget the outstanding performance of the Engineering Division in constructing and developing buildings with areas exceeding 100,000 square meters, working day and night so as to provide an appropriate and attractive study environment.
Undoubtedly, the MUC wise and visionary administration has managed to turn crises and challenges into successful opportunities and initiatives, coming up with the most plausible solutions since the start of COVID 19 Pandemic. As a matter of fact, Al-Mustaqbal University College has succeeded in achieving a unique reputation in the various fields of higher education on both national and global levels, concluding meanwhile a number of local as well as international agreements.
I should also note that personally, I have accomplished 15 academic papers published on Scopus Database during 2021, in addition to contributing to the authorship of more than 6 various scientific publications, and our book “An Introduction to International Rankings” has been appreciated by more than 150 academic and scientific personalities, including Ministers, University Presidents, Managers, Deans of Colleges, and others.
However, we currently face challenges and difficulties of a multicultural reality, and we are obligated to find appropriate solutions through multiple routes, the most prominent of which is to keep on communicating with the academic institutions, all together with the scientific and local communities. There is no doubt that we have managed to realize great successes with the high scientific potential you possess..
Finally, I shall pray to God Almighty to protect us and to have mercy on our dead and martyrs, wishing you all and our students good health and much happiness, with more achievements and progress.

Prof. Dr. Hassan Shakir Majdi
Dean of Al-Mustaqbal University College