Three AlMustaqbal University College (MUC) Engineering Programs have been accredited by The Arab Commission for Accreditation in Engineering & Technology (ACAET) Date: 27/12/2021 | Views: 368

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Within its strategy that is based on activating Quality in Higher Education, Al- Mustaqbal University College is so proud to announce that three of its Engineering Programs have been accredited by The Arab Commission for Accreditation in Engineering & Technology. These programs are
 Computer Engineering Techniques BSc Program
 Air Conditioning & Refrigeration Techniques BSc Program
 Building & Construction Techniques BSc Program
As a matter of fact, ACAET is considered as one of the reputable and esteemed institutions in ensuring the quality of academic programs. It is indeed specialized in accrediting engineering programs in the Arab Homeland, and thus conducting periodic assessment as per specific quality standards so as to grant accreditation to the “BSC in Engineering” certificate.
Such accreditation confirms the high quality assurance, on both national and international levels, of AlMustaqbal University College (MUC) Engineering Departments, which admit the most excellently students and graduate elite engineers.
The story of this accreditation started more than a year ago when the College has adopted a comprehensive development plan in which a self-study process has been conducted, coming up with a detailed report about the various aspects of the educational status in the College. This self-study report has been followed by the visit of the assessment experts who spent days in the College, holding meetings with the academics, employees, students and graduates, in addition to the College partners in the sectors of industry, engineering and research. All these efforts have led to an outstanding success, and that is the accreditation of the three engineering programs. Al-Mustaqbal University College shall keep on working to complete and implement the recommendations concluded by the self-study process as well as the accreditation.
Finally, we should note that this accreditation certificate is considered as the first in Iraq for Engineering Programs, and accordingly, graduates of those programs can work and study everywhere in the world.