Al-Mustaqbal University College Organizes a Symposium on the Resistance of Domestic Violence in the Iraqi Community Date: 02/12/2022 | Views: 148

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Under the guardianship of Prof. Dr. Hasan Shakir Majdi, Dean of Al-Mustaqbal University College, the Central Students Activities Division, and in cooperation with the Police Directorate of Babylon / Family & Child Protection Department, has organized a Symposium entitled

“Resistance of Domestic Violence in the Iraqi Community”
In her lecture, Lieutenant Hawraa Karim has identified the methods that can be adopted in order to get rid of all types of domestic violence, whether mental or physical, that is committed against women, with the highly required necessity to educate people about how and when to report for such cases.
For his part, the Director of Family and Child Protection Department has delivered a lecture, in which he clarified the causes that lie behind domestic violence, and focusing meanwhile on specific cases that have been registered, and the most appropriate means for reporting about similar cases.