No Violence Campaign Against Women Date: 27/11/2022 | Views: 168

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“Color the World Orange” has been the slogan adopted for “the 16 Days Activism Against Gender-Based Violence”. It is considerable to note that the Central Student Activities Division at Al-Mustaqbal University College, and in cooperation with Women Empowerment Unit, has organized a “No Violence Campaign Against Women”
It is indeed a worldwide campaign launched by the United Nations in 1991, with the aim to resist and fight all forms of violence committed against women and girls everywhere in the world.
We should note, however, that the campaign starts on 25th November, the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, and lasts until 10th December, Human Rights Day.
Besides, the color nominated for the campaign has been orange, and it has been selected by the United Nations to reflect hope for a bright future, free of violence.