Al-Mustaqbal University College Participates in the Activities of the Iraq International Building, Construction and Infrastructure Exhibition Date: 25/11/2022 | Views: 539

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Under the guardianship and attendance of His Excellency the Iraqi Ministry of Trade, Mr. Atheer Al-Ghurairi & supervision of the Iraqi General Company for Exhibitions and Commercial Services, with the presence of a number of Ambassadors & Representatives of Foreign Missions in Iraq, and the participation of Al-Mustaqbal University College, the activities of the Iraq International Building, Construction and Infrastructure Exhibition has been launched.
It is considerable to note that the Exhibition has been organized by Al-Sorouh Company for Organizing International Exhibitions & Conferences on the grounds of Baghdad International Fai. The Exhibition lasted for four days starting on 21st and ending on 24th November, 2022. It should be noted as well that 150 Companies specialized in the field of construction and reconstruction have participated in the Exhibition, and these countries do come from 13 countries, including Iraq, Turkey, Iran, Italy, India, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Egypt, Qatar, UAE and Spain.
During his tour through the Exhibition Halls, His Excellency the Minister of Commerce has visited the Pavilion of Al-Mustaqbal University College, and there being briefed with the required details about the College, whereas for his part, the Minister expressed his appraisal of the slogan raised by the College, which says
"Towards a Sustainable University"
Meanwhile he has emphasized the need for all Scientific Institutions to move ahead towards achieving the UN Sustainable Development Goals as they are highly important for the Future of our Beloved Country.
We are obliged as well to note that a number of the Exhibition visitors have appreciated the participation of Al-Mustaqbal University College in such International Forum, expressing their admiration of the College Achievements in the Field of Scientific Research, in addition to its advanced status in both National and International Rankings.