As a step towards achieving transparency and justice, Al-Mustaqbal University College takes the initiative to distribute complaint boxes inside the College Corridors Date: 10/09/2022 | Views: 190

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It is quite obvious that positive and effective communication between the College Deanship with its staff and students is an essential step towards achieving transparency and justice among all students and employees, and thus creating a reliable environment in the College.
It should be noted that Complaint & Suggestion boxes do gain social and cultural importance before being an administrative requirement. Accordingly, these boxes have been distributed everywhere in the College where all students can convey any ideas or suggestions that they have in their minds to the College Administration. The latter is obliged to do the following:
1. Carefully Reviewing and addressing all complaints as well as suggestions with a high degree of confidentiality;
2. Raising the levels of Education and Services that are provided by the College; and
3. Creating positive educational environment for all the College Affiliates, including students, faculty members and administrative staff.
Subsequently, any person who has an inquiry, a complaint or a suggestion, he / she can write them on a slip of paper and put them inside any of the complaint boxes that are available everywhere in the College.
Finally, we do promise that we shall follow up the issue seriously, treating all complaints and suggestions transparently and impartially.