Al-Mustaqbal University College Participates in the 6th Annual Job Exhibit Organized by University of Babylon Date: 10/05/2022 | Views: 110

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Al-Mustaqbal University College has Participated through its representatives in the 6th Annual Job Exhibit that has been organized by the Rehabilitation, Recruitment & Follow-Up Division at University of Babylon in cooperation with specific Governmental Departments and Private Sector Companies.
It is remarkable to note that the Exhibit has been organized under the guardianship of Prof. Dr. Nabil Kadhim Abdul Sahib, Minister of Higher Education & Scientific Research, with the supervision of Prof. Dr. Qahtan Hadi Hussein Al-Jubouri, President of Babylon University. A number of the Parliament members with the Representative of Higher Education Ministry, Dr. Abdul Jaleel Muhammad, the Governor of Babylon, Colleges Deans, Companies & Departments Representatives have been among the attendees to the Exhibit.
In his speech, the Companies Representative has appreciated the role of universities in training and employing young graduates, through their openness and positive communication with the Private Sector, as being a main pillar and an essential partner in the country’s economy and its development.
The Exhibition has included the participation of many companies and institutions in the fields of banking services, Information Technology, industrial & human development, Telecommunication Sector, food industry companies, human development organizations, training and rehabilitation, in addition to some international institutions and organizations.