Participation in a local scientific conference Date: 17/11/2022 | Views: 839

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The role of efficient use of blockchain technology in enhancing audit quality

ASS. Lic. Mohammed Abd Rassol Jaber

This research aims to study the ability of block chain technology to enhance the quality of audit services in light of the great growth of digital tools, the steady increase in financial data and the tremendous development in information technology, and to identify the new and potential technical and commercial risks that may face the auditor, and given the absence of decisive rules or regulations issued Of the relevant professional bodies that can regulate the mechanism of employing the block chain, the importance of this research stems from being a study of a number of opinions of professional bodies that deal with cryptocurrencies and other sub-tools provided by this technology in order to provide useful recommendations to employ the block chain efficiently and enhance the quality of auditing and limiting One of the potential risks that audit services may be exposed to, and the research was based on a basic premise that the efficient and appropriate application of block chain technology in the accounting field would enhance the quality of auditing in economic units, and the researchers reached a number of conclusions, the most important of which was that there are benefits Possible employment of the economic units of block chain technology in audit services, as it will be an aid to auditors in increasing the quality of the audit Auditing by increasing the number of samples, reducing time and cost, in addition to decision accuracy and zero errors, which will allow auditors to deal with big data easily and professionally. With auditing standards and avoiding unknown harmful effects on the audit profession in general and the quality of audit services in particular.