Medical Labs Department of Al-Mustaqbal University College Organizes a Donation Campaign to Provide Schools in Babylon with First Aid Boxes Date: 10/01/2023 | Views: 0

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Part of the College Strategic Program to achieve the UN Sustainable Development Goals, specifically, SDG 3: Good Health & Well-Being, and under the Guardianship of Prof. Dr. Hasan Shakir Majdi, Dean of Al Mustaqbal University College, Medical Labs Department has organized a Donation Campaign to provide Schools in Babylon with First Aid Boxes.
It is considerable to note that these boxes have been equipped with all the supplies that might be urgently needed for First Aid Cases. Finally, we should note that the Campaign has been conducted under the Supervision of the Academics Prof. Dr. Ali Shaalan Al-Araji, Ms. Suzan Radhi Hussein and Mr. Haidar Muhammad Nasir.