Coal found in the ground Date: 09/02/2024 | Views: 186

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A scientific article by the engineer in the Department of Chemical Engineering and Petroleum Industries, Fatima Adi Ali Magdy, entitled (Coal in the Earth). The content of the article was: Coal is one of the oldest energy sources discovered by man, and it is considered one of the most important natural resources that man has used throughout the ages to generate energy. And operate machines. Coal is considered a fossil resource that was formed from the remains of plants that lived millions of years ago. These remains were transformed into thick layers of coal underground due to pressure and heat over time.

Coal is found underground in various parts of the world, and its types and quality vary depending on the region. Coal is extracted from the ground through mining operations that may be surface or underground depending on the depth and topography of the area. Surface coal is usually extracted from coal seams close to the Earth's surface, while underground coal is extracted from deep coal seams by deep drilling and excavation operations.

Coal is an important source of energy in many industries, especially in generating electricity and heating homes and buildings. However, the use of coal raises many environmental and health issues as a result of greenhouse gas emissions and pollution resulting from its combustion, in addition to its negative impacts on air and water quality in the areas that use it.

A positive aspect of sustainable coal use is clean and advanced coal extraction technologies that reduce carbon emissions and improve the efficiency of its combustion. In addition, coal is a widely available resource globally and has the potential to meet global energy demand for a long time.

With technological advances and increased awareness of the environmental impacts of coal combustion, the world is moving towards diversifying energy sources and investing in renewable energy as a sustainable alternative to coal. However, coal remains an important complement in the global energy mix and will continue to play a role in meeting energy needs for a long period of time before renewable energy technologies become more widespread and available.