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The programmer in the Department of Chemical Engineering and Petroleum Industries, Fatima Walid, wrote an article entitled (Petroleum). The content of the article was: Petroleum is a term that refers to a group of natural organic materials consisting of the remains of ancient living organisms such as plants and animals. Petroleum consists of a variety of hydrocarbon compounds containing carbon and hydrogen, including oils, gases, waxes, and asphalt.

Petroleum is extracted from sedimentary rocks in the earth through exploration and extraction processes. Petroleum is a very important natural resource and is used in many industries such as the manufacture of fuel, plastics, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, fertilizers, adhesives and many other products.

However, the use of petroleum faces some environmental and economic challenges. On the environmental level, the use of petroleum contributes to the emission of greenhouse gases and environmental pollution. On the economic level, the heavy reliance on oil as an energy source exposes economies to fluctuations in oil prices.

Therefore, there are efforts by many countries and institutions to shift to alternative and sustainable energy sources that replace petroleum and reduce its negative impacts on the environment. Examples of these alternative sources include solar energy, wind energy, thermal energy, nuclear energy, and gaseous hydrocarbons.