Head of Media Dept. at MUC has attended a Seminar "Drugs" Date: 30/05/2022 | Views: 212

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As a representative of MUC, Dr. Akram Farj, Head of Media Dept., has attended the seminar entitled "The Drugs as Phenomena and How to Control It" which has been held at Sader Al Iraq University College in Baghdad and in the presence of Alshiek Hussien Al-Sader, Head of Constitutional Committee of Sader Al Iraq University College. Dr.Akram has participated in the seminar with a research paper entitled" Visions and Suggestions in Activating Performance Level of The Iraqi Media in Facing The Drugs Phenomena". The seminar has been attended by numerous researchers from different universities and colleges as well as a number of parliament members in addition to several representatives from the Ministry of Internal Affairs.