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A Hero of Islam
Muslim Mohammed Lehmood
AL-Mustaqbal University College

A translator worked with us, he was fluent in four languages, and besides, he was an actress with great intelligence and high liveliness. *
* I told him one day: I want to see a Swiss Jew whose character resembles the character (Shylock) in Shakespeare's play Merchant. *
* He refused at first, he promised me after my insistence and insistence, then he came to me one day and said:
* So he took me to the old city of Geneva (Old Geneva), and an (antiques) shop, and I saw a man behind the counter.
* * We entered at my feet, and then: An Iraqi professor (so-and-so) would like to get to know you, so he reached out to the Jew, shaking hands, remembering..
* So I was very confused. *
* Then he said, laughing, after withdrawing his hand: Please sit down. *
* So I sat down, and after he recommended us to make me a cup of coffee, he continued his words with me: You are Ali's group in Iraq. You have two qualities, one worse than the other. *
* I said to him: What are they? *
* He said: The first is that you are more than 1400 years old, and you are afraid to say that you are from the group of Ali, and the second is that you are upon this, and this date did not know the truth about Ali Ibn Abi Talib. *
* Drink your coffee and I will show you and hear you something about Ali. *
* And after we finished drinking coffee, he said to his worker: Go and ask my son (David) to come.
* And it was only minutes until a forty-year-old man appeared wearing a modern and elegant suit. *
* His father said to him: Introduce yourself to the guests. *
* He introduced himself: Dr. David.
* His father asked him: Tell them your specialty? *
* He replied: PhD in economics from the French Sorbonne University. *
* So his father continued: Tell them, what was your thesis for obtaining a doctorate? *
* Dr. David said: Karl Marx's theory of surplus value is the value of unpaid power (the value of unpaid power) and I got a degree (honour), which is the highest degree of distinction. *
* The father said, addressing me: Look, one saying of (Ali) in which he obtained a certificate while you are still, a certificate while you are still crying and beating your chest only? *
* Then he continued his conversation with me by saying: I want to say something in my chest before you go safely: It is a crime that the source of (Ali) is with you Arabs. *