Holding a scientific symposium Titled Mimics Innovation Suite Date: 23/07/2022 | Views: 404

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Under the direct supervision of the he dean of Al-Mustaqbal University College, Asst.Prof.Dr. Hassan Shaker Majdi, the Department of Biomedical Engineering today, monday 11/1/2021 in our college held a scientific symposium entitled "Mimics Innovation Suite" that was delivered by Dr. Ameen M. Al-Juboori, Rapporteur of the Department of Department of Biomedical Engineering with attended fifty-five (55) academics and students from Al-Mustaqbal University College and various Iraqi universities.
As this symposium included a full explanation of the topic Mimics (Materialise's Interactive Medical Image Control System) which is Materialise’s software for processing medical images and creating 3D models. Mimics uses 2D cross-sectional medical images such as from computed tomography (CT) and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) to construct 3D models, which can then be directly linked to rapid prototyping, CAD, surgical simulation and advanced engineering analysis.
Mimics is a powerful image processing tool and links to many applications Its user base consists mostly of engineers, but also clinicians.
The major industries that use Mimics are Orthopaedic, Cardiovascular, and cranio-maxillofacial (CMF).
Mimics is also used in include tissue engineering, anthropology, technical/industrial design, and pulmonary study.
Mimics has a modular structure and users can tune the software to their needs