Careeres Service Support Unit

About The Unit:

The needs for establishing the Training, Recruitment and Follow up Unit was emerged as a result of the significant increase in the number of the graduates without having a monitoring party to organize and monitor this increase. Accordingly, this unit was established to support our graduates and advising them on how to find job opportunities in private sector rather than the public sector.

Unit Structure:

The Training, Recruitment and Follow up Unit is administratively linked to the Vice chancellor for administration affairs office.


A qualified graduate who can work on local and global organization and having skills to compete in the global labor market.


To contribute in the enhancement and development of the graduates skills as per the requirements of the private sector then reduce the unemployment rate and merge the outcome of the education process with the labor market.

Unit Tasks and Obligations:

  1. Train and qualify the college students to gain extra skills to merge them in the labor market by organizing a specialized workshops in this field.
  2. Establishing a communication channel with the public and private organizations to create a job opportunities for our students which suite their skills and the knowledge they gain during the academic course and the extra skills obtained from the workshops organized by the training, recruitment and follow up unit.
  3. Organize, prepare and run jobs exhibition in collaboration with public and private sectors to establish a communication channel between various organization and our graduates.
  4. Follow up our graduates in their workplace to identify the strength and weak points and periodically inform their departments to update their curriculum according the needs of the labor market.