Program Description | English Language and Literature Department

The Department of English Language Literature at Al-Mustaqbal University was established during the Academic Year 2020 – 2021.
The Department accepts High School graduates of both Scientific and Literary Branches at a rate determined annually by the Ministry of Higher Education & Scientific Research. Applicants can apply through the Electronic Portal, that is the Admission Website.
After four-year study, a B.A. Degree in English Language Literature is conferred upon graduates.

The Department aspires to achieve academic excellence in strengthening the cognitive and research abilities of students in English Language and its literature. In addition, translation is another area that shall be taken into consideration and enable students to acquire its skills, which can be utilized for communication and interaction with other cultures.
The Department aims to prepare well-qualified students who shall have the required skills of the English Language, in addition to the cognitive and analytic capabilities with which they could explore the world of research in the fields of English Language and its Literature. Scientifically and practically, the Department Mission mainly focuses on motivating the students to be qualified as competitors in the job market, on scientific research area and for serving the community.
The Department Objectives can be summarized as follows:

1. Developing students' linguistic and communicative skills.
2. Encouraging students to understand the English Language Culture.
3. Developing the Critical Thinking of students and enhancing their research abilities.
4. Preparing a cadre highly qualified in English Language who could contribute in serving local and regional communities, in addition to interacting and communicating with other cultures of English speaking nations.