About The Unit

The Learning Development Center in Al-mustaqbal university College is the unit that responsible for preparing trained cadres in society through the establishment of training courses in various specializations and thus Its importance not limited to the university students but rather in the various governmental and Non governmental departments and institutions which contributes to preparing qualified and guest cadres and armed with the skills and expertise necessary for good performance

Unit Establishing:

The Learning Development Center was founded According To what was stated in the recommendations of the Council of the Al-mustaqbal University College Numbered (First / 7) taken at the twelfth session, holed on 24/8/2019

The Administrative Structure:

The administrative structure of the Learning Development Center at the Al-Mustaqbal University College consists of:

  • Prof. Dr. Assem Aboud Zabbar: Director of the Learning Development Center and responsible for teaching the English language in the college and distributing them to the departments.
  • Assistant Instructor Abd Ali Dakhil Jasim / Curator of the Center and responsible for English language courses.
  • Engineer Shuhab Ahmed Malik / Responsible for computer education courses.
  • Dr. Abdullah Abdul Rahim Al-Sudani / Responsible for teaching The Arabic Language.
  • Dr. Abdullah Jabbar Hussain / Responsible for workshops and engineering training
  • Prof. Dr. Ali Hussein Daman Al-Khafaji / teaching / medical laboratory techniques responsible for biological training programs.
  • Dr. Sadiq Jaafar Baqer / Teaching / Technician Labs Technician is responsible for science and chemistry training programs.